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So sorry for the delay in adding these. I have been having some problems with hosting but that is settled now. I’ve finally added photos of Bex from the Comic Con Fandom party back in July!

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I have added photos of Bex from her 2016 events to the image gallery.

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I have added high quality photos of Bex at the Shannara Chronicles premiere held last month to our gallery.

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I have finally gotten to add high quality images of Bex from the Los Angeles Mission’s End Of Summer Block Party: Time To Enjoy Being A Kid and her visit to Young Hollywood Studios with Amadeus, Jonny and Carlson to the gallery. Enjoy.

0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0011.jpg

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I had the header created a bit ago before the disruption that happened with FSO, so please pardon the domain name on the header!  To celebrate the one year anniversary of the site (wow I can’t believe it’s been a year already!) I have put new layouts up here as well as the gallery! I hope you all enjoy them, I think my friend Kaci did a wonderful job with the main site header.

Also, I’ve gotten asked about Scream captures and yes, I know I’m behind on them, but with good reason. I haven’t seen the last four episodes due to my busy schedule and I don’t want to spoil myself by sorting caps. Rest assured, I will be adding caps to the gallery this weekend along with stills that I find. Just be patient!

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Bex has a small feature in this month’s NKD Mag and I have added digital scans to the gallery.

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > NKD Mag – September 2015

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I have added 5 images of Bex from the Teen Choice Awards the image gallery, thanks to Jen for the pics!

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Appearances and Events > 2015 > August 16: Teen Choice Awards 2015

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