Bex Taylor-Klaus Fan
Gossip and Candid Policy

Bex Taylor-Klaus Fan is all about respecting Bex as an actress and I do not wish to support gossip-y journalism or paparazzi photography, or anything else that might be harmful to her. I know that some people find it fun and amusing to see Bex walking up and down the streets and as an ordinary person, but as fans, I must learn to respect Bex’s personal feelings about that. Let’s remember that we should draw lines between what’s Bex’s public life and what is her private life.

Although it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight that comes with being a celebrity, also choose to have their personal life exploited in the media, I think different. Being a public figure should not have to mean to have all aspects of your personal life being in the media 24/7.

For this reason, I made the decision of not posting any candid photography of Bex, this includes photos of her dining, driving, leaving her home, etc. Of course, that pictures taken on set will be published, unless she looks uncomfortable in them.